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Kevin Hilt

I play piano.


I have a lot of feelings about Ben Folds

AHHH me toooo.


I still feel like the best album ever is Ben Fold’s Rockin’ the Suburbs

You like Ben Folds and Homestuck.


*intelligent and respectable person high five*

I’ve got no problem reblogging this. Hope you win.


Oh-Kay I’m gonna lose some followers from this, but I need to spam.

I’m doing a contest on YouTube and I would love to get the views/likes on this video to an inSANE level. 

If you could please just simply add a view to this video/like it from your YouTube account, I will seriously promo you.

Just message me, and I will praise your name as if you were Jesus yourself.

This seriously would mean so much if you could just watch it, (you don’t even have to reblog it or anything). I just need the views.

If I can get a few hundred today, ooohhh man. 

Likes would be better than views, but just clicking play is a fantastic contribution. 

I love you all so much, and your support would be so great.

This contest could mean a lot for my YouTube career, music career, etc.

Please please please uuughhh GOODLORD. jaflks;d