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Kevin Hilt

I play piano.

Just entered the crazy part of R2,

the last few episodes where everything starts to fall apart. Where everything Lelouch built is falling away before his eyes. Where it’s hard to watch, and I find myself cringing.

This is why I love Code Geass, and Lelouch. Because it shows the bitter reality of it all, and tears him apart. And yet, he still pulls through in the end; though destroyed, he creates everything anew, as he said he would.

Lelouch gave absolutely everything he had to reconcile for his past wrongs and give birth to a gentler world. His ambitions, his pride, and his life. He even was willing to taint the memory of his very existence, to have history indelibly mark him as the villain he was not, to have the entirety of his being for all eternity represented by a crude falsehood. All this for the world.

I respect you, Lelouch. You have done the impossible, and paid dearly for it. As for your final plan and who you really were, C.C. and I will always remember.